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Autism support material

Autism support material

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Autism support material

Autism support material | @Upside down therapy swing, double layered including fastening

The new favorite place for adults & children! Autism support material. The place to retreat... with lots of fun!

The "Autism Support Material" offers sensory play fun with endless possible positions.

  • Sensory stimulation: Let your child be enchanted by the therapy swing and immerse themselves in a world full of sensory stimulation. By swinging, your child learns spatial awareness in a playful way and feels a deep touch pressure that evokes a feeling of security and well-being - similar to a loving hug or a gentle squeeze.

  • Recommended by occupational therapists: The therapy swing is a real insider tip, recommended by experts such as occupational therapists and autistic schools. Swing therapy not only strengthens physical strength, but also improves mental endurance. This allows children to expand their limits and go beyond themselves.

  • Special place: The indoor/outdoor upside down sensory therapy swing is more than just a swing - it's a place of enchantment and playful discovery. With its easy setup in just a few minutes, it becomes a special place where your child can experience unforgettable moments and learn.

  • Serene adventure place: The therapy swing is a unique experience for every child, whether with special needs or not. It is a place of joy where you can completely relax and escape from everyday life.

Swinging is not only great fun for children , but also for parents . With this ©upside down therapy swing, the whole family has the opportunity to have a good time on the swing .

Swinging supports the development of children's sense of balance and provides relaxation for adults and can even relieve pain. No matter whether you are big or small, swinging is good for everyone and is fun .

Product information:

  • Therapy swing made of high-quality material (150cm long x 140cm wide)
  • 30 degrees on gentle cycle (not suitable for tumble drying)
  • Recommended minimum height for suspension 200cm
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Not suitable for children under 3 years
  • In a practical storage bag
  • Mounting material included
  • Load capacity up to 120kg
  • height adjustable
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Swing for children & adults

The Upside Down™ Therapy Swing helps to create the perfect environment
for children of all ages to have fun and feel safe
and at the same time learn how to move, dance, play,
flies and can just be!

  • Special therapy

    Improves balance, motor coordination and muscle strength

  • Gentle hug

    Provides a soothing and gentle lasting hug-like effect

  • Brain jogging

    Endorphins are released, which not only make you happy but also reduce the sensation of pain

  • Well-being

    Release tension, calm down and release pent-up emotions